Salut! I just had 2 weeks of holydays and it was soo cool, I had really much fun and I visited some cities in France. The frist week I did homeworks and spent kinda much time with my friends, me and my friends went to many cafes and I also went to some shops but most of the time we were just sitting in some park and talked.. The second week we went to a very beautiful village called L`lsle-sur-la-Sorgue. We went there becasue my host family have lived there before so we went visiting their friends. 2 weeks sounds kinda long but it`s not it went so fast!


Hey! It have been kind a long time since I last wrote something here, but now I am back. Today I have been in school, I started at 8.00 am and then I went to eat at a chinese resturant with some of my french friends, after school I was hanging out with one of my friends and we just went sitting in a park and talked. This weekend I am going to eat dinner at one of my host familys friends in a city called La Rochelle and on sunday I am going to go to town with friends and probably do some homeworks. One thing I have noticed is that the most of the people here are more "open" than the finish people, for example in school random people can come talk wtth me and I really like it.  Here is a few people I have come very close to and it is going to be really really really hard to say goodbye BUT I have already planed a trip to see one of them :)

Erasmus week

Hej! Erasmus+ eleverna som besökte Frankrike för 1 vecka (elever från Spanien, Tyskland, Grekland och Finland) var här ungefär 2 veckor sedan.  Under veckan besökte vi väldigt många olika museeum och byggnader bland annat, konstmuseeum, Lascaux gråttan, Limoges Town hall, pappersfabrik och några andra. Det var väldigt roligt att träffa nya människor och lära känna varandra, jag kom väldigt bra överens med alla och alla var väldigt snälla.


Bonjour! I live with Betty (my host), her mom (Florence) and her dad (Jean-Charles). They are really kind and we come along very good. They also have two cats named Cheyenne and Crouni. We live about 20 minutes from Limoges in a village called Saint Priest Taurion. Every morning Florence give us a ride to the bus and after that we take the bus to Limoges. Me and Betty are often in school around 7:30 and then we have to wait 30 minutes for the first class to start. The lessons are 55 minutes and in one day we have about 7 lessons, we finish at 18:00 and the bus from Limoges start at 18:30, so after the last lesson we have to wait 30 minutes. What I like the most about Gay-Lussac is the food and then that here is so much more people than there is in Lovisa. What I doesn`t like is how long the days are and the breaks between the lessons are only 5 minutes. But I think it is like that because the food break is 3 hours. So you always have time to study or go with friends, I usually e


Hey! So I have noticed that the food is kinda different here than in Finlnad: We can just start with the fact that I only eat 3 times here and in Finland I eat 5 times. The first time I eat here is around 6am and next time I eat after that is 12am, the last time I eat is around 7pm. So I am always hungry here. But I have some snacks with me to school that I survive. I really like food in school here. It is also very different. First of all we don`t take the food ourselves, there is some "kitchen staff" that gives the food to us. And for dessert we can have cheese or yoghurt, we can aslo take som fruits with our meal for example some kiwi, orange or pear. And of course we eat baguette with every meal but they don´t put any butter on the bread here. For breakfast I warm milk in the microwave (that´s one thing I don´t do in Finland either) and put some cereals in it.     


Bonsoir!  I loved Paris and I experienced a lot during those three days. We lived in an apartment in the middle of Paris and it was very easy to transport from one side of Paris to another with an Metro. I think you all know that the Eiffel tower is big but I didn`n know that It is was THAT big! It was the first thing I saw from the airplan. And I am sure that it is the biggest thing I have ever seen! So as I said  I experienced a lot, for example the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe ,  art museum, and some churches. We also visited two very big shopping centers named   Printemps and  Châtelet les Halles. Printemps is a shopping centre that have very expensive brands like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many others. But next day we went to the other centre Châtelet les Halles and there they have like "normal" brands that you can actually buy something. The last evening we went to the Fashion Freak Show and it was amazing, and in the end of the show a really famous des

I´am soon leaving!

                                                               I`AM SOON GOING Hey again! It was a long time since I last wrote someting here, but anyway I am really soon leaving, it`s now friday and I am going on sunday. I started to pack today and it`s kinda hard because I want to take as much clothes as possible with me. I am so excited to see Betty and Anisha again I have missed them so much, and I am actually going to stay in Paris for a few days when I arrive in France. What I am most nervous about is the langauge, I have been reading French for a half year but that`s not much so I can`t speak French obviously. But I am really excited to meet new people and get to know them. But at the same time that I am very excited I will of course miss my family and friends but I am sure that I will have a lot of fun in France! Anyway I am now going to sleep so GONATT!